The complete platform for Vacation Rentals and Property Managers.

A unique cloud software for managing, publish and distributing.


Solutions out of the box.

Loggia is a cloud based software for the Vacation Rentals industry. It comprises of a PMS that automates all day to day activities and tasks, a channel manager for prices/availability/content sync with all major channels and a series of mobile applications, website with the ability to receive direct bookings.

Powerful PMS

Automate day to day activities, monitor sales, issue invoices and track expenses.

Access safely from everywhere as it is a cloud application.

Connection & sync with channels

Reliable connections with all the essential channels to sync availability, prices and content.

The Channel Manager platform is PrimalRes.

Apps & Direct bookings

Well designed web & mobile applications with the most powerful booking engine in the market.

The booking engine is by WebHotelier.

Unite your Procedures, Sales, Business in a whole new way

Laptop Device

Its not just a dashboard

We came up with a quick way to get the information that you need, when you need it. Long gone the complicated settings panels and the crowded views.


A plan for all booking sources

All your reservations are presented in a single availability and rates plan. All bookings from the OTA's, your website and direct - conveniently shown in a single view.

Manage Availability

Filter and find the most appropriate

The availability plan supports single or multi unit properties. Use tags, categories and locations to easily filter and make proposals or send quotes.

Combine direct connection through the Primal Res channel manager and iCals.

Manage Rates

Direct connection with your rate plans

Easily manage rate plans and channel pricing for each unit or room type. Every change instantly applied to your website or OTA.

Instant connection with your WebHotelier rates. 2 way sync when using extranets.

Manage Reservations

Easy to use and fast PMS Plan

All your reservations are presented in a detailed PMS Plan for easy management. Quickly add, edit or move reservations.

Multi units are split for individual rooms.


Unlimited ways to organise your content


The central hub of your content

Whether is one or 800 house with a million images Loggia is the central hub of your content. Descriptions, arrangements, room details, media or notes are all in an easy to access location.

In detail

Use Loggia's questionnaire and provide great detail for all aspects of the house beyond the usual amenities list.


List of free, on demand or even paid services individually (or by groups) provided besides the accomodation.


Visualise the area on a map with POIs and let Loggia provide dynamic Directions and Distances.


Sync your

Use Loggia as the starting point to easily push your content to most major platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway*).

Take advantage of the 2 Way Sync with WebHotelier's static content to start getting direct bookings and make your portfolio available to one of the biggest b2b online marketplaces.

* HomeAway content sync is coming in 2020. With WebHotelier getting content is currently live.


Different ways to Publish your Content.

Ιστοσελιδα & Native Mobile εφαρμογες iOS & Anrdoid
Website & Native mobile applications (iOS & Android)

Loggia comes with a modern, responsive and fast website complete with a booking engine. Optionally you also get native mobile applications which automate procedures and provide dynamic content and interactivity with your clients.

Διαχειριση κρατησεων με channel management
Prices, availability and content sync & distribution

Vital part of an owner or manager procedure is the availability to strategical distribute in channels. Loggia includes the PrimalRes Channel Manager's engine to make sure that reliability and support come first.

Info kiosk, αυτοματο checkin, Concierge
Kiosk applications, Welcome (Check in) & Concierge procedures

A levels of service get access to Loggia's free mobile apps that include NPS for customer satisfaction, eCheckin to automate procedures (also comply with Covid 19 checklist) and procedures for concierge ambassadors.

Promote your portfolio to the world

Combine the sales features and possibilities that WebHotelier booking engine will


Connection Features

  • 2 Way Availability

  • 2 Way Rates

  • 2 Way Content


Multiple markets to promote your properties

Use the most powerful booking engine in the market to get direct reservations from your website.
Travel Agents
Work with thousands of travel agents from all all over the world using the WebHotelier network.
Distribute to all popular OTAs with reliability.

Streamline your financial procedures with automated accounting tasks and invoicing


Support for all types of invoices and receipts. Multiple VAT support and partial invoicing. Automations for auto invoice issuing.


Dedicated module for monitoring your expenses and staff. Monitor reservation commissions and complementary gifts to guest.


Accounts for income, expenses, VAT calculations, multiple currencies and multiple companies.


Provide your partners with instant data and performance results

Loggia's white label owners area is a complete dashboard that each Property Manager may provide to its partners (owners). Not only it will elevate the status of the PM, it will also strengthen its partnership and automate procedures.

Sales & Reservations

Provide a detail list of every reservations, its details along with annual stats, sales reports.

Availability Calendar and Sync

Show a detail view of the availability and optionally provide the option to supply an iCal or individual reservations.

Contract & Agreements

Choose any of the available agreement types (commission / net prices / guarantee / subscription) and let the Loggia calculate the figures and even provide a digital contract.


New reservation / Changes or cancelation, the owner will always be informed on the spot with automated - white label - emails, sms or push notifications.

Guest Area

Provide personalised services to your guests and get rewarded with their data.

Use the guest area to automatically invite (with SMS) the traveller to provide all necessary data (arrival and departure details / passport / travellers contacts).

Get the email for reservations made from OTAs that do not provide them.

Create personalised suggestions and build a concierge platform for your clients.

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